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These four A3 boards were submitted to the Royal Society of Art 2013 Student Design Awards, outlining the concept and development of the Visual Storytelling concept. The cards contain symbols which can be combined in different ways and manipulated to tell stories. It was submitted as a response to the RSA/SDA "Spirituality" brief, which asked for projects that could help people express their spirituality with clarity and confidence. Visual Storytelling allows parents and children to interact while learning about culturally important stories, and allows children to create their own stories. It is inexpensive to produce, does not rely on digital technology, is culturally and racially sensitive and can be used in a variety of ways to express complex ideas.
The project was shortlisted for the Royal Society of Art 2013 Student Design Awards.
Visual Storytelling Board 1
Visual Storytelling Board 3
Visual Storytelling Deck
Visual Storytelling Deck
Visual Storytelling Board 2
Visual Storytelling Board 4
Visual Storytelling Deck